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A new life

A "new" story from me.
No, I haven't written anything new; I doubt I'll write again, I simply don't feel like it any more (and I feel like that for a very long time now). But I searched for some files on my computer, and stumbled upon some old stories that had somehow hidden from me, and I hadn't posted them.
So... why not post them now?

Summary: A few moments of a celebration in a village in Gondor, a year after the War of the Ring, seen through the eyes of a young girl.

Rating: PG (for the mention of war and death)

Characters: OCs, Faramir, Eowyn

Word-count: 1073

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A Must Read

A good article about assaults in Germany:

Why We Can’t Stay Silent on Germany’s Mass Sex Assaults

My comments:

1) Women don't have to (and shouldn't) change their behaviour and clothes. Period.

2) Whoever commits any violence, should go to prison first, and then should be deported to where he came from. Period.

Mood: very angry.

Happy holidays and a happy new year! :)

I hope you'll have great holidays and I wish you all the best in 2016! :)

Greetings from me and the boys. :)

My comments on Star Wars

I love the saga. *Love.* Very much. Since I was nine. But this movie... it's not bad. And that's the highest mark I can give. "Not bad". It could've been, and *should've* been better.

Many big spoilers under the cut - you're warned. ;)

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The coldest inhabited place on Earth

I talked about not liking winter with cairistiona (I used to like winter, but not any more) yesterday, and today I stumbled upon this article. It's a must read/watch - you have to watch the video! :)))

The coldest town on Earth

*brrrrrr* I can't even imagine that!!!


Paris :(

I'm so shocked and sad.
And I am SO MAD about all sorts of religious extremism that I better keep my mouth shut, because if I start talking, it won't be pretty.

Instead, I'll just be short: my condolences to all who lost their loved ones.


Monday morning

No words needed. :D


Black Nightingale AND Moonspell

Remember this post?

Well... sometimes, we struggle. With job, money, bills to pay, and other problems. And sometimes... not very often, but it can happen... well, sometimes all little and big things come together in a perfect way! :) So, this autumn, I will not have one, but two additional jobs. And Alen, who didn't count on any additional cash, will also have one additional job. So... :) we can treat ourselves! :) It means:

1) I can buy one of those dresses
2) Santa will bring me the other dress
3) I can find something very nice for my Santa and be his Santa
4) we'll have nice winter holidays. We don't have plans yet, but we will have. :)

Call me happy. Call me VERY happy. :)


Thank you! :)

A big thanks to everyone who voted for my story Mirror of World and Time, which won first place in category Favorite characterization of Galadriel, in Tree and Flower Awards. It was a great surprise for me, especially because I am totally out of fanfiction world for quite a lot of time now.
Thank you! :)
And congratulations to all other winners! :)