Hello, I'm Lemmy! :)

Hello everyone! :)
You probably remember that Vanesa has told you about her neighbour who has a kitty named Kordelia, and had a big grey boy named Aral? Well... I live with him now! :D I used to live on the street, all alone, and I was always very hungry. I ate what I could find in the garbage. I don't remember what was before that, my memories of my childhood and family are somewhat blurred.
Anyway, they found me, and they took me to his home! :D So now I have my human, I have a big sister, and I have a nice warm house to sleep in and a garden to play. I no longer sleep in the cold and rain and my belly is always full. :)
Vanesa's neighbour couldn't think of any name, so he let her choose. And she said I'd be Lemmy. She said that it had been the name of a very cool singer. I haven't heard of him. But if he was cool, and if I'm named after him, then I'm cool too, right? :D


What is today?

A day that will be forgotten tomorrow.

And that's why I won't say "Happy intenational women's day", but "Happy fighting for women's rights".
As long as women are being abused, beaten and killed, as long as they are paid less than men for the same jobs, as long as they are being put into the kitchens to be mothers and wives only, as long as they are being discouraged to seek education and career, we need to fight for our rights.
When we become truly equal with men, then, and only then, we won't need "international women's day" any more.

I don't want flowers; I want to be equal. I want my rights.

A new life

A "new" story from me.
No, I haven't written anything new; I doubt I'll write again, I simply don't feel like it any more (and I feel like that for a very long time now). But I searched for some files on my computer, and stumbled upon some old stories that had somehow hidden from me, and I hadn't posted them.
So... why not post them now?

Summary: A few moments of a celebration in a village in Gondor, a year after the War of the Ring, seen through the eyes of a young girl.

Rating: PG (for the mention of war and death)

Characters: OCs, Faramir, Eowyn

Word-count: 1073

Collapse )