Help? :)

Yes, I'm alive. :)
No, this is not a come-back. At least I think it's not. No, I haven't forgotten either of you, and I often remember you. Know that you are all in my mind, although I'm not here any more.

I need a little help, and I hope that some of you will have the answer I need. :)
I read Book of Lost Tales some 15 years ago, and of course that I don't remember details any more. I need a help with a quote - and I don't have the books - if I had them, I'd look by myself, I wouldn't bother you.
Somewhere in the Book of Lost Tales there is a sentence (or several) describing how Varda made stars. I think that some crystals were mentioned, and some light put into them (obviously :D ). If some of you have the books, and if you could look for the quote, I'd be very grateful. :) I think that this story is in Volume 1, but I'm not sure.
Searching in digital version is much easier, of course. Key words would be star(s), crystal, Varda. Or did she have some different name it that earliest version? Not sure. :/
Greetings and hugs to everyone!!!

Edit: FOUND!!!!!  Thanks to Linaewen. :)

Non-spoilery review

So, what is this:

95, 98, ME, XP, 7, 8, 10?
Of course, you know. :)

And what is this:

4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 7, 3.5? :D

I liked Rogue One a lot. It's so much better than Episode VII. The characters, the story, the atmosphere... <3 OK, I wish the movie was a few minutes longer, so that the character would be even better portrayed. But it's ok anyway. :)


Hello everyone! :)

I found a link to the article, and being a crazy cat lady, the title sounds very interesting: to-the-woman-with-the-cat-traps-a-letter-from-a-feral-cat/

I think it might be something very nice and touching, but I can't open the article. So, I thought to ask for help - if anyone can open it, would you please copy/paste the text for me? Here's the link:


Thanks! :)

Interesting analysis

I saw this picture on several different FB pages today. If it's not a fraud, it's very interesting. (Edit: seems like it's true. I wanted to be cautious, because I coulnd't find confirmation at first. But in the meantime, I found more articles, and looks like young people really want to stay in EU.)

Makes me think that people 65+ should not be allowed to vote in situations like this.

When there was a referendum in Croatia about joining EU, my parents called me and said: "You're the one who'll have to live with the result, not us. How do you want us to vote?"