August 26th, 2019


Desolate Land of Horror

Well, we didn't have to wait 6 years more till the next story! :D I still can't say how regular my writing will be in the future, but I hope I won't have a long pause again... :)

Word count: 484

Notes: Thanks to Cairistiona for beta reading. *hugs*

"...they came at last to the end of the living lands, and began to pass into the desolation that lay before the gates of the Pass of Cirith Gorgor; and they could descry the marshes and the desert that stretched north and west to the Emyn Muil. So desolate were those places and so deep the horror that lay on them that some of the host were unmanned, and they could neither walk nor ride further north." (Return of the King, Chapter 10 – The Black Gate Opens)
Hmmm... Desolate. Deep the horror. Let's see how it might have been...

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