ellynn_ithilwen (ellynn_ithilwen) wrote,

The Best Choice

A new story! :)

Word count: double drabble.

Summary: Upon arriving to Lothlorien, The Ring is choosing Its victim.

Notes: Thanks to Cairistiona for beta-reading. *hugs*

The man from Gondor. The weakest link in this Fellowship. Yes, he will be the best choice.

Until now, It tested and got to know all of them well enough. Of course, no one was immune to It – not even the old wizard, no matter how powerful he was. Given enough time, It could entrap anyone from The Fellowship. But the man from Gondor will be the easiest prey. His great love for his brother and homeland is also his great weakness.

It has already started the seduction, but for now, It will have to lay low; this land is choking It. Although even the mighty Mistress of the forest could become Its prey – and she would be a very interesting challenge, It thought, amused – her own power joined with the power of her ring was very great. It was too far away from the Master, and It can't do much here. Therefore, for now It has to wait.

But Its moment will come again. The journey of The Fellowship will soon go on, and It will be free to whisper as much as It wants. Until then, It will wait.

Let the man from Gondor think he is safe.
Tags: stories - fanfiction
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