ellynn_ithilwen (ellynn_ithilwen) wrote,

Hello, I'm Lemmy! :)

Hello everyone! :)
You probably remember that Vanesa has told you about her neighbour who has a kitty named Kordelia, and had a big grey boy named Aral? Well... I live with him now! :D I used to live on the street, all alone, and I was always very hungry. I ate what I could find in the garbage. I don't remember what was before that, my memories of my childhood and family are somewhat blurred.
Anyway, they found me, and they took me to his home! :D So now I have my human, I have a big sister, and I have a nice warm house to sleep in and a garden to play. I no longer sleep in the cold and rain and my belly is always full. :)
Vanesa's neighbour couldn't think of any name, so he let her choose. And she said I'd be Lemmy. She said that it had been the name of a very cool singer. I haven't heard of him. But if he was cool, and if I'm named after him, then I'm cool too, right? :D

Tags: cats
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