Arrival of Darkness

Summary: Telperion observes something very unusual, very sinister, very ominous approaching Valmar.

Word-count: 851

A reminder of the setting: "...and Manwë decreed a feast more glorious than any that had been held since the coming of the Eldar to Aman. (...) In that day the streets of Valmar were empty, and the stairs of Tirion were silent; and all the land lay sleeping in peace." (Silmarillion, Of the Darkening of Valinor)
Huge thanks to cairistiona7 for beta-reading and preventing some very stupid mistakes. *hugs*

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Earthquake update

Seven dead, so far. :(

But one thing that lifts my spirit... SO MANY PEOPLE all around Croatia are already engaged in helping. So many people offered accomodation to those who lost their homes. We are already collecting food, clothes, money and everything else that is needed. Let's just hope there will be no more earthquakes.

F*ck you, 2020

Another earthquake today. Same area as yesterday. This time - 6.2 degrees, Richter scale. No need to emphasize what that means for the objects partially damaged yesterday. But damage is not the worst news. One casualty so far (a child), many injured.
I just hope there'll be no more earthquakes any more...


2020, go away...

A picture too good not to be shared, but news too bad not to curse... F*ck you, 2020.

Central parts of Croatia, another earthquake (after the one in March), something like 5 - 5,4 degrees. No casualties, fortunately, but more ruined homes - right now, in the coldest part of the year...